Career Resources Website

FOCUS ︎︎︎ Website Design, User Research
SOFTWARE ︎︎︎ Figma, Squarespace

The Studio Arts Department lacked a modern method of informing students of career resources and opportunities. I built this website to centralize resources to address barriers to entry. Over the course of three months, 140+ career resources reached 300 unique users.

As a designer and researcher, I:
  • Designed, organized, and helped conduct 20 student interviews
  • Collected resources from faculty, staff, students, and working professionals
  • Designed a website that prioritized editability by non-designers
  • Presented my team’s research and a fully functional prototype to faculty and staff
Research Summary:
  • More emphasis on community building and networking
  • Need for community communication platform
  • Desire for increased departmental transparency (i.e. why something is/is not being implemented)
  • Need for more financial resources and education
  • Increased clarity about availability of free supplies, equipment, and on-campus supply shop
  • Acknowledgment of money, mental health, and lack of transportation as barriers to entry
  • More educational materials on applying to residencies, fellowships, grants, etc.
  • More portfolio guidance